M.Phil Resources

Dr. Kauser Abdulla Malik

Dr. Asma Maqbool
Dr. Muhammad Irfan

Dr. Aftab Bashir Lectures

  • Book for Bioinformatics can be downloaded here 
  • A guide for creating Phylogenetic tree can be downloaded here.
  • Download presentation for Secondary structure analysis here.
Dr. Saqib Mehmood Lectures
  • Download presentation on Human Genome Project by "Clicking here"
  • Download presentation on Gene therapy by "Clicking here"
  • Download Review Article for Non-viral vector by "Clicking here"
  • Download presentation on Application of Nano-medicine by "Clicking here"
  • Download presentation on Nano Technology and Nano medicine by "Clicking here"
  • Download the Handbook on Nanomedicine by "Clicking here"
  • Download presentation on DNA Fingerprinting "here"
Dr. Natasha Lectures
  • Download Cancer biology review article by "Clicking here"
  • Download presentation on Cancer Genetics by "Clicking here"
  • Download presentation on Molecular Diagnostics by "Clicking here"
  • Download All Review articles "here"
  • Download lecture for Stem cells and Applications "here"
    Dr. Asma Maqbool Lectures 
    • Lecture for Promoters can be downloaded here. 
    • Download presentation for Binary and Gateway vectors here. 
    Dr. Omer Malik Lectures 
    • Lecture for entrepreneurship can be downloaded here.
    Dr. Wajahat Hussain Lectures

    • Download the book for "Environmental Biology" here.